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It's finally here! Harvist infused red palm oil

It’s finally here! Check out our new infused oil flavour at 7-11 stores starts today🤩

3 flavours to choose, or you can just grab them all 🌴ORIGINAL Premium Extra Red Palm Fruit 🧄GARLIC Infused Red Palm Oil 🌶 CHILI Infused Red Palm Oil

Mini collection series at 65ml each bottle at RM5 only !!! Try them and tag us with #harvistredpalmoil 🙌🏻

Get one at your nearest#7ElevenMY today!🤩

*Available in Peninsular Malaysia only.

Click here to find the nearest 7-11 stores store list with Harvist infused oil series.

7-11 List by Region
Download XLSX • 121KB

🩸100% PURE red palm oil

❌cholesterols ( ZERO % )

🔝Rich in Pro Vitamin A and Vitamin E

🇲🇾 Proud product of Malaysia

Now available in your nearest 7-11 stores.

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