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Looking back over the past 40 years on the palm oil industry in Malaysia, one of the founders of HARVIST, Mr. Steven Lee, and his Life Mentor, Mr. Wong Seong has built more than 400 cooking oil factories and has accumulated great knowledge and experience of edible oil throughout his entire life.


Mr. Steven Lee, believes that holding a bird in his hand is worth two in the bush. Malaysia's red palm oil is an edible oil far superior to other palm oils. Contrary to ordinary palm oil, red palm oil is derived from the same palm fruit source, but it has not been subjected to an ordinary high-temperature refining process and retains the purest red color in palm fruit without any additives. HARVIST red palm oil is an edible oil, which contains the most vitamin A and vitamin E, as well as micronutrients vital to the human body. Its carotene content is 15 times that of tomatoes and 30 times that of carrots.


Mr. Steven Lee had a mutually attractive relationship with palm oil. In 2004, he obtained a Bachelor of Food Science and Technology (Honours) from Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM). During his study, he has been investigated on the technique of extraction of vitamin E in palm fruits, and this research project has also been listed as one of the techniques for the extraction of vitamin E from palm oil in the intellectual property of Malaysia, meanwhile, Mr. Steven worked as an intern at an edible oil engineering company run by Mr. Wong Seong. After graduating in 2014, the firm immediately hired Mr. Steven as an engineer. He was tasked with the design, planning, implementation, and commissioning of a vitamin E extraction plant in Kenya, Africa, and this project was successfully commissioned to create its first vitamin E extraction factory. During the 16 years of experience in design, construction, and commissioning of more than 10 different types of edible oil plant projects which are physical refinery, dry fractionation plant, hydrogenation plant, dewaxing plant, neutralization plant, palm kernel extraction plant, vitamin E extraction plant, biodiesel plant, etc. Concluding with all his experiences and knowledge about edible oil, he finally successfully designed and built the latest technology and highly efficient low-temperature red palm oil factory, Profes Lipid Sdn Bhd.


PROFES LIPID SDN BHD It was founded in 2016 with the enthusiasm and support of other partners, who defend the same vision and wisdom. PROFES, represent professionals, where LIPID is a term to scientifically describe oils and fats. And therefore, PROFES LIPID represents our experience and knowledge in edible oil.

HARVIST, a homophonic term with "harvest," represents a bountiful harvest. Red Palm Oil is a unique HARVIST product, unlike other brands we insist on emphasizing Red Palm Oil as our signature product. We believed that with the greatness and health benefits of HARVIST Red Palm Oil, the market will slowly embrace it and make it part of Malaysian culture and pride. HARVIST takes on the mission of Malaysian agriculture and culture, we hope to spread and educate the greatness of red palm oil around the world and cultivate Malaysian red palm oil.


Through the marketing blitz, people make use of cooking with yellow oil, they tend to be curious but are afraid to try a reddish-red palm oil. But we believe that, with the world slowly recognizing the goodness of red palm oil, and handling it with our hearts, we keep our purpose to be "Attentive, Healthy", HARVIST red palm oil will be the best choice of edible oil everyone can find. We all use edible oil for daily food, why don't we get the best of the healthiest red palm oil for our family and take care of everyone, who we love.

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ChinHock Ooi
ChinHock Ooi
Jan 03, 2022


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