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Harvist Specialty of Semenyih

In the vibrant world of edible oils, there's one shining star that has transcended expectations and risen to claim its throne as the true epitome of health and flavor – Harvist Red Palm Oil. This remarkable journey, marked by discovery and innovation, finds its roots in the heart of Malaysia, in a place called Semenyih, where the palm fruit flourishes in abundance.

It all began with the audacious proclamation that "Red palm oil is the finest oil in the world." These words, initially met with laughter and skepticism, would eventually echo as a resounding truth, championed not only by enthusiasts but also by a legion of nutritionists who recognized its unparalleled virtues.

The story's hero, Steven Lee from Malaysia, harbored an early fascination with the science of food production. His journey into the world of edible oils was set in motion during his school days. As he pursued a path in "Food Science and Technology," his destiny collided with that of Mr. Huang Xiang, a seasoned expert in oil refining. Under Huang's expert guidance, Steven's passion ignited into a fervent flame, and he conducted groundbreaking research on Vitamin E extraction from palm oil during his academic years, laying the foundation for his future in the edible oil industry.

Upon graduating in 2004, Steven embarked on a professional journey that would take him to the forefront of the global edible oil boom. As the world's demand for edible oils surged, Steven's expertise contributed to the construction of over 40 edible oil factories worldwide, earning him invaluable practical knowledge.

But it was in 2008, atop the scenic Broga Hill in Semenyih, that fate intervened. Steven witnessed local farmers indulging in palm fruit, their curiosity leading them to uncover the fruit's enchanting aroma and non-greasy texture. Conversations with these farmers unveiled the rich source of Vitamins A and E hidden within this fruit, affectionately named the "Red Gemstone" for its crimson hue.

This serendipitous encounter ignited a spark within Steven, leading him to consult his mentor, Mr. Huang Xiang, who, with four decades of edible oil wisdom, confirmed the exceptional nutritional value of Malaysian red palm oil. However, producing culinary-grade red palm oil posed a unique challenge. It couldn't rely on conventional high-temperature refining techniques. To retain its precious nutrients and eliminate impurities, innovative methods and small-batch production were necessary, albeit at increased costs. Thus, red palm oil remained a rarity in a market dominated by refined palm olein.

This predicament weighed heavily on Steven's heart. Guided by youthful zeal and mentorship, he embraced a mission to introduce high-quality red palm oil to the world. Three years of relentless exploration and research ensued, with Steven, armed with his engineering background and mentor's wisdom, investing millions in Semenyih. There, he introduced custom-made German equipment and founded the world's first red palm oil refinery, embarking on the arduous "Path of Red Palm Oil." Thus, Harvist was born!

Semenyih, with its abundant supply of quality palm fruit, was the perfect choice. It ensured the freshness of raw materials and resonated deeply with Steven's aspirations.

The technical challenges of low-temperature purification were formidable, but Steven was undeterred. With continuous enhancements in purification techniques, he maximized the retention of carotenoids, tocotrienols, Coenzyme Q10, squalene, and other precious nutrients.

In a market accustomed to light-colored cooking oils, the deep crimson hue of red palm oil held a secret. It was the mark of its most valuable natural nutrients, but this fact eluded many. Moreover, palm oil had long been misunderstood as unhealthy, making it a tough sell to change consumer perceptions.

Fortunately, an increasing number of medical experts and nutritionists began recognizing red palm oil's potential. They became its initial advocates, understanding that, unlike other unrefined oils, red palm oil remained stable at high temperatures, making it a healthier choice for cooking.

Today, these experts substantiate their findings through experimentation, revealing that red palm oil not only doesn't increase serum cholesterol but exhibits a tendency to lower LDL cholesterol. Enriched with Vitamin E, tocotrienols, and carotenoids, it plays a pivotal role in maintaining vision, reducing inflammation, and supporting cardiovascular health.

Harvist Red Palm Oil stands as a testament to this journey, a recipient of the "2022 Best Agricultural Product Award," and a source of pride for Malaysia. It's a gift to human health, shared generously with the world.

Harvist's mission goes beyond profit; it's about unearthing and preserving the unique nutritional value of palm fruit, providing a healthier culinary oil that enriches lives. It's a story of cherishing the blessings of nature, a tale of discovery, and a promise of a healthier future.

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