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Our red palm oil is rich in Natural Pro-Vitamin A & Vitamin E, zero cholesterol healthy cooking and baking fruit oil for your daily needs. Made with Heart, Made for All.

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Cooking Oil

HARVIST Red Palm Cooking Oil is processed using mild refining system to produce the finest red oil from natural palm fruits. It rich in natural carotene, vitamin E, phytosterol and co-enzyme Q10.

HARVIST Red Palm Cooking Oil is cholesterol free, use as cooking oil and more economic way for deep frying.

Nutritional Information


Usage Info

Available pack:

  • 500 ml, 1000 ml


  • Cool dry area

  • Keep away from direct sunlight

  • Oil will solidify in temperature below 23°C

  • Consume within 2 months after opening


  • Use for cooking and baking, stir fry with egg or vegetables

  • Use optimum amount of cooking oil

  • Avoid to cook food with excessive moisture content, dry food prior to cooking

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