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Rendang Daging Hitam

Prep Time:

20 minutes


2-3 Servings


Asian Cuisine

About the Recipe

The unique taste of Malay dish with our Premium red palm oil. What makes it special for Malaysian? The tender soft beef meat with the combination of the spices of herbs, it makes more aromatic for any occasion!

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PREMIUM Red Palm Oil
1/2 kg beef
3 tablespoons ground chili (*)
1 large onion (*)
3 cloves of garlic (*)
2 inch ginger (*)
1 inch galangal (*)
1 inch tumeric (*)
5 lemongrass stems (*)
2 tablespoons coriander powder
2 tablespoons sweet cumin powder
2 tablespoons white cumin powder
The 4 companions (star anise, cinnamon, cardamom & clove)
Sweet soy sauce
Caramel sauce
Palm sugar


1. Heat the red palm oil in a pan.
2. Saute 4 companions until fragrant, then add the blended ingredients marked (*). Add coriander powder, sweet cumin, and white cumin.
3. Season with salt and add the palm sugar for taste.
4. After a while, add the meat, and leave until tender.
5. Add a bit of water if necessary.
6. Add the sweet soy sauce and the caramel sauce.
7. Put the kerisik in the batter and wait until the rendang gravy is slightly dry.
8. Ready to serve

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