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Mala Onion Mushroom

Prep Time:

10 minutes


2 servings


Asian Cuisine

About the Recipe

Every now and then, we opt to be a little healthier. Hence my choice for @harvist_official for my vegetarian Mala Onion Shroom. Pretty simple to make and can be reheated in airfryer at any point of time to get the crunch. Best part is, even the dried chilli can be chewed on. Just make sure there are minimal amount of seeds retained. I combined my favourite mushroom, yellow onion and mala altogether! Not forgetting to use my trusted red palm oil from @harvist_official
Inspired by @jialewoh_cookingversion

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Mushrooms of choice
HARVIST Red Palm Oil (I chose infused for fry flour and stir fry)
1 whole big yellow onion, cut to retain ring
Frying flour (as needed)
1 tbsp Sichuan pepper
Handful of bay leaves
Salt and pepper
Spring onion and red chilli for garnishing


- Clean the mushrooms and squeeze dry
- Add HARVIST Garlic infused Red Palm Oil to fry flour and mix well
- Heat the wok with HARVIST Red Palm Oil
- Dip squeezed mushroom to Frying flour batter and fry, to keep it crunchy, minimize the amount of batter
- Dip the bigger yellow onion ring and fry as well. Set aside
- On another wok, Heat up HARVIST Garlic infused Red Palm Oil
- Add bay leaves, Sichuan pepper and onion. fry until fragrant smell of Sichuan pepper is out
- Pour the fried mushrooms and onion ring and mix well
- Serve and garnish with chopped Spring onion and chilli

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