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Cereal Prawn

Prep Time:

10 minutes


2-4 servings


Western Cuisine

About the Recipe

Are you craving some cereal prawn but also in a healthier, flavourful way?

We got you covered! With our Chili and Garlic infused red palm oil, this dish is never normal. They not only taste good, but it also smells good too!

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700g tiger prawn
20g corn flour
Harvist Premium Red Palm Oil
70g red onion
1 stalk curry leave
25g green chili
70g Nestum cereal
120ml evaporated milk
15g Harvist Chili infused red palm oil
15g Harvist Garlic infused red palm oil
Salt and Pepper to taste


1. Heat red palm oil to 190c for deep frying
2. Season trimmed tiger prawn with salt & pepper
3. Coat prawn with corn flour & deep fry to golden brown
4. Sautee onion, curry leaf, and green chili & followed by Goji Berry till fragrant
5. Add in prawn, stir fry occasionally
6. Add in infused garlic & chili oil to replace garlic & increase spiciness
7. Add in evaporated milk followed by sprinkling the cereal partially & coat it well.
8. Ready to serve

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